Template Design Workshop provides many choices of premade logo designs for all kinds of industries.

This category is created specially for the food industry. For food logos, we usually incorporate the logo with agriculture, meat, and fishery-related images, for example, fish, sausage, corns, pastry and many more. If your company prefers a more subtle concept, you may choose an abstract icon that evokes positive vibes to represent your food product or restaurant.

For restaurant logos, we provide simple and illustrative logos that can relate well with your potential customers. You can choose images and icons based on the food type from your store. Also, other elements such as shapes of kitchenware, a chef’s hat, and other kitchen accessories also are recommended to to be used on food industry logos.

On a cafe logo, we recommend to use elements that represents the food items that you offer. This will help give customers a better understanding of your approach and food choices that are available in your cafe.

Feel free to start browsing all our extensive gallery of logos below. When you purchase a logo design from Template Design Workshop, you get free logo updates which includes color changes, font updates, name changing and many more. All our templates are priced at $29 each and we provide finalized logo files that can be used for print and web.

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Fresh fruit and vegetables in a bag on a brown color background
Cooking pan with fork, spoon and chef hat on an orange background
Colourful fruits on a green background
A bag with fork, spoon and leaf on a yellow background
Apple trees in sunny day scene on a green color background