Template Design Workshop allows new start-up companies to find their company logo that best suits their business and industry. We have thousands of logos that you choose from.

This category is ideally for the entertainment and game industry.

For the entertainment industry, we have logo elements such as abstract shapes of merry-go-round, clowns, microphones, music notes and other objects that represents fun, with a youthful approach. Nightlife clubs are one of the popular businesses in the entertainment industry. You can choose logos with graphic elements of sexy woman figures, high heels and other abstract shapes that is appropriate for your club image.

Next is the game industry, we have created logos using elements such as wild animals, for examples, tigers, shark, bulls, snakes, dragons as game mascots. We have added other designed shapes and patterns on the logo to make it strong and appealing to your target audience.

Entertainment logo works best with rainbow colors. The colorful color scheme is to grab attention and evoke positive vibes to your potential customers. The right color combination plays an important role in projecting the right mood and vibrancy of your business. You are also encouraged to try out different colors. Feel free to request color updates from our designers after your purchase.

For $29, you get an exclusive logo design for your business and also logo edits which includes color updates, fonts, name changing and lots more. All logo templates come with vector and bitmap files that can be used for print and web.

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A video camera and play button shape on a blue color background
A triangle in a camera shaped outline on a brown color background
A camera shaped and triangle on it on a brown color background
A triangle in a circle outline on a grey color background
An abstract triangle on an orange color background