Template Design Workshop is well-known for it's wide range of logo design selections that suits businesses all over the world. We provide professional logo designs that helps make your businesses standout among their competitors. We use vibrant colors and all our elements are custom created from scratch.

When starting a business, you will need a name and then project it in a logo form. A company logo has a vital role in building your brand, especially when you are a new start-up. A company logo is used to symbolise and represent your company. Our extensive gallery of business logo designs are created to suit any type of industry.

How do you choose the right logo for your business?

  1. Choose a logo that best reflects your services or product.
  2. If you do not have a tangible service or product, select symbols or elements that best reflects the vision and motto of your business.
  3. If you run out of ideas, you can also select alphabet symbols to represent your business name.

Don't forget that the main criteria for a recognisable logo is bright, distinctive and simple. This allows people to remember the logo image easily.

Why is a logo important for your business?

A business logo is always important because you need to use it in your business card, website, product, advertisement and any other marketing and promotional materials. By exposing your logo, it will help build and cultivate a strong brand awareness for your business.

Can’t find any of the logo design that is suitable for your company?

Have us design you a logo based on your requirements for only $79. We provide custom logo design services with unlimited edits. Click here for more details of our custom logo designs.

Three circle on a grey color background
'G' letter on a blue color background
Three circles on a yellow colour background
'ASH' letter on a grey color background
Triangle shape on a grey color background