Template Design Workshop provides over 1000 professional logo designs that you can choose for your new business.

Are you in the automotive industry that needs a cool and vibrant, yet professional logo design for your business? We have various automotive logo symbols for cars, motorcycle, ships, bicycles, trucks, airplanes and many more. You can select the logos that you like according to your preference. We also have a special promotion where you can get a 50% discount when you purchase 3 logos in one order.

For cars and motorcycle related industries, the most popular logo symbols are with vehicle parts, like the wheel, gear or the entire vehicle itself that showcases buses, trucks, and cars. For a more dynamic logo image, you may select logos with the use of geometric shapes that are associated with speed, power and repair services.

For the shipping industry, you are advised to select ship emblems that may include an anchor, wheel and any other vehicle part of the ship. This allows your customers to easily understand which automotive industry your business represents.

For the bicycle industry, including a bicycle symbol in the logo is definitely the best choice. However, you may enhance the logo image with the color palette that is cheerful and energetic like yellow, blue or orange. For all our logo templates, we provide logo updates from our experienced designers. You can ask for color changes or any other relevant updates that you need.

For the airline industry, the logo has to serve as a message that your business is a trusted brand that reflects a team of highly competent pilots, skilled flight attendants, and top-notch services from the cabin crew. You are advised to select logos with symbolic images of birds, airplanes and wings.

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Man in wheelchair with water waves on a blue color background
Truck with United States of America flag on a grey color background
Truck with United States of America flag on a green color background
Truck with United States of America flag circle badge on a grey color background
A car drawing on a grey color background