Template Design Workshop provides a library of professional logo designs for businesses all over the world. These logo designs are created by our experienced designers and custom designed for the industry relevant to animals & pets. We provide over hundreds of unique logos that features animal symbols that you can choose for your business.

What are animals and pets logos?

Animal and pets logos are designed for businesses that are involved with animals or pets like veterinary clinics, dog spas, pet shops, pet centres and much more. The logos we create brings character to your business. An animal image is widely recognizable and can also be used as a mascot for sports or food industries. Our animal logos consist of cartoon characters and serious iconic symbols that targets both adults and kids.

How these logos are used?

If you’re in the security industry, you might need to choose a fierce and strong animal to project the nature of your business. For example, you may select tigers, lions, jaguars to represent your logo. On the colour selection, try selecting dark and strong vibrant colours.

If you own a pet shop, you should be displaying logo symbols of tame animals. For example, cats, dogs, rabbits to portray the gentle and approachable characteristic. However, the animal symbols that you select must be related to your core business values.

Don’t see any logo design that you like?

Feel free to have our designers design you a custom logo design based fully on your requirements. It comes with 3 concepts and unlimited edits for only $79. Click here to purchase your customized logo design for your business.

Man with cat and dog on a purple color background
Kid running with cat and dog on a grey color background
A zebra with red hibiscus flower on a grey color background
Man with a cat and a dog on a turquoise color background
A zebra wearing a red hibiscus flower standing with one leg up on a grey color background